There are some very good ideas in this linked article (click here) about dealing with change.

Great quotes include:

When it comes to change – especially change that will dramatically impact employees, partners, and customers – traditional leadership says, “Keep your cards close to your chest.” Our fear of the unknown tempts us to hunker down, share only the bare minimum of information, and play defense.

Bad plan IMHO – and

Along with fearing change, leaders feel compelled to have it all together, or at least to appear like they do. The desire to look good stems from pride and perfectionism: The self-centered need to do it right… or not do it at all.

Tough to do but so true.

This is a great quote too, “Ironically, pride and perfectionism not only kill innovation, they also kill your employees and your bottom line.”
Ask questions instead of giving answers!

  • Transparent leaders don’t lead with answers, they lead with questions.
  • Money is not everything, money is not as rewarding as learning and your employees need to share on the passion of your journey.
  • Transparency pushes back…It’s proactive, asks questions, listens, and above all values learning and people.