I was sitting in my backyard yesterday and was trying to watch some movies using the ViewMaster VR kit.

I purchased the kit a while back and it made me think. It needs some upgrades.

Jordan Lampert VR

Here’s what I did.

What were the problems?

No Sound. The ViewMaster has no headphone jack.

Easily fixed by filing out a space for it.

Jordan Lampert VR

Not Hands-Free. The viewer kept falling off my face and I didn’t want to hold it.

I took an old sparring helmet from my son and ‘customized’ it to allow the mask to be embedded into the front.

Jordan Lampert VRJordan Lampert VRJordan Lampert VR

Still falling off when I lay down

I was still having a few problems getting it just right so I added additional tubing laced through the top and now it fits perfectly.

Jordan Lampert VRJordan Lampert VR

Ok. I know…

Style is WEAK

This I can’t fix and so it may not be the best looking contraption, but it sure works great.

Now I can fall asleep watching the Grateful Dead in 3d.

Jordan Lampert VR

Rock n Roll!