Sure. Many Toronto/Thornhill folks know about Mill Pond.

It’s here in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Just north of Toronto. Walk around it with Google here.

It’s amazing in the winter when it ices over for hockey games.  Even better in the summer when the ducks and swans are out.

Yes. Swans.

But there’s another pond nearby and this particular body of water wasn’t made by nature.

It’s a Stormwater Runoff.  Dangerous sounding huh?

Here’s a video. Pretty impressive really.

Overkill perhaps? 100 year storm? Read this for everything you could ever want to know about it.
Glad to see my tax dollars driving improvements that *hopefully* will help save our houses.

Tonight I made a picture when I was there.  I call it “Duck makes wake”.
It’s not very good.  Enjoy!
Duck makes wake