Jordan Lampert and Mars Hotel – Music and Drumming

Jordan Lampert playing Drums
Mars Hotel

Music for Life.

Jordan Lampert and Mars Hotel

Jordan Lampert has a passion for drumming which started at age 13 and continues to this day. He is a founding member and co-drummer in Canada’s premier Grateful Dead tribute band, Mars Hotel.

Mars Hotel delivers on the Dead’s promise that songs can create lasting and memorable moments.  Everyone in the band, including Jordan, is a lifelong fan of the Grateful Dead. They all have a deep personal connection to the band’s music.

For some, the Dead’s music came down from an older brother or sister. For Jordan, he was the older sibling and helped to guild his siblings to learn more.

With Mars Hotel, Jordan helps set the tone each night playin in the rhythm section. It features dual drum kits manned by both the Lampert brothers.

Jordan is the eldest of the two and counts Jerry Garcia as one of his musical idles. So does his brother, Lorne, a professional music educator by day. Together they bring a commitment to interpreting the music of their heroes with respect.

Creating, emulating, or even performing the work of the Grateful Dead is no easy task.  Mars Hotel does it in style. Fans rave about their performances because like the Dead, no two shows are the same.

Come out to a show. You’ll hear a tight band of friends who have been playing together in one form or another for the past 25 years.