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Jordan Lampert’s Professional Profile

  • 20+ years planning, building, and rolling out SaaS platforms, Mobile apps and Analytics projects.
  • Proven leader with a deep understanding of the software product life cycle including ‘big data’.
  • Expert using agile/scrum/SAFe methodologies
  • Extremely self-motivated having successfully co-founded multiple tech startups
  • Demonstrated ability to grow and scale software and businesses profitably
  • Driven by a ‘voice of the customer comes first’ product philosophy. #MVP

Jordan is a hands-on product strategist, team builder and leader. Jordan co-founded one of the first automotive CRM providers to use SaaS (Cowboy Corp). In 2003 his company was acquired by The Cobalt Group (now CDK).

Post acquisition Jordan played a key role at Cobalt as Sr. Product Planner. At Cobalt, Jordan developed product roadmaps, advised on CRM/Big Data strategy, and crafted solutions for enterprise clients like General Motors.

In 2010, Jordan started a second software company (Truecount Corp) focused on the retail industry. There he led engineering teams and development a cloud-based RFID platform for real-time monitoring and replenishment of inventory.

From 2014 to 2016, Jordan oversaw technology teams at Using agile, his teams built new software and services for 1000’s of automotive dealers. Jordan’s key responsibilities were technology leadership, product vision, building business cases, writing RFPs, and creating requirements/roadmaps to support the company’s growing technology portfolio.

Currently, Jordan is engaged as Lead Analytics Strategy Consultant at HelloWorld enhancing the company’s analytics platforms to scale and profitably support clients like Samsung, Rogaine, AARP, Arizona State University, and Coke.

Jordan’s Work Experience


Analytics Strategy Consultant

Analytics Strategy Consultant

Lead Analytics Strategy Consultant at HelloWorld  responsible for:
– Designing, developing, and implementing the company’s data and analytics road map
– Building go-forward strategy and launching a Reporting and Analytics COE
– Evangelism of an agile and data driven development philosophy

V.P. Technology (Consultant)

  • Led team of software developers, UI/UX designers, and QA using agile/scrum teams
  • Responsible for launch planning, testing and the entire product life cycle from end-to-end
  • Built responsive applications including media, data and social networking solutions (visit
  • Created product strategy, vision, roadmaps, business cases, and technical requirements

Truecount Corp

Co-Founder and COO

  • Launched innovative software company providing a (SaaS) RFID inventory management platform (visit
  • Led technology team – responsible for product development, planning, hiring, implementation, launch, operations, fund raising, business development, and sales engineering
  • Successfully deployed software at major apparel retailers, distribution centers, and sports venues across North America

Voice on the Go

V.P. Business Development

  • Cultivated strategic B2B initiatives with enterprise clients resulting in YOY revenue growth of over 300%
  • Drove customer loyalty and adoption by +50%

Cobalt (now CDK Global)

Sr. Product Planner

  • P&L responsibilities for Lead Management product line. Carried yearly revenue of $3M+ and used by over 5000 dealers throughout North America
  • Grew CRM product line resulting in 150% growth and top line revenue $6M+ yearly
  • Designed and implemented CRM, digital marketing and business intelligence applications for OEMs. Clients included GM, Chrysler, VW, Audi, Nissan, Volvo, Honda, Subaru, and Ford

Cowboy Corp

Co-Founder and V.P. Operations

  • Co-founded company and grew business to 50+employees and 250+ clients before acquired in 2003
  • Launched 100’s of websites, landing pages and digital media. First to market SaaS CRM platform in auto retailing
  • Negotiated successful investor exit at a $10M valuation in under 4 years
  • Responsible for product development, fundraising, hiring, operations, IT/support