The other Jordan

That's right.

D'oh!  Another Jordan Lampert?

The other Jordan Lampert.

The other Jordan Lampert

The other Jordan Lampert, pictured here, is not me! He’s got a ton of hair. 100% not me.

Jordan and DaphneHere’s me and my beautiful wife Daphne

The other Jordan’s very negative stories had ALWAYS ranked above me on Google and that’s the primary reason I made this site. Click to Google our name and see what I mean. The other Jordan Lampert lives in Toronto too and I met him the other day by chance while waiting to pick-up chicken at one of my favorite places (Red Rooster). A touch awkward but it all worked out okay.

It was a pleasure to hear recently that the other Jordan Lampert was acquitted of very serious allegations against him. I truly hope he stays off the front page of the newspaper. At least for a little while.