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Elon Musk on Bias and Risk in 6 Words

Here is some advice I’m planning on following in 2018....

AI – the worst thing ever to happen to humanity? Perhaps!

Stephen Hawking warned last week that artificial intelligence could be “the...

Saw Thor: Ragnarok Tonight

I went to go see the new Thor movie tonight....

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Jake's Collection

In honour of Jake Wagman (diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma) Jordan’s band, Mars Hotel has helped raise money for SickKids Foundation which supports The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto, Canada.

The Soul Motivators

Soul Motivators

Formed in 2012 and inspired by a multi-cultural urban lifestyle in downtown Toronto, their repertoire blends funk, soul, hip-hop breaks and psychedelic beat.

Mars Hotel

Mars Hotel

Mars Hotel is a Grateful Dead tribute and as the lyric suggests, the music has never stopped.

Rebel Merchant

Rebel Merchant Catering Studio

Rebel Merchant Catering Studio is a boutique catering company specializing in intimate dinner parties, cocktail receptions, and truly decadent cuisine. Call 4168582364 for some tasty eats.

Lawnie Wallace


“The trees are green, the roses are red, my heart is broken, I feel so sad”.  This was the first lyric Lawnie ever wrote, it inspired her first song “The Trees are Green” at the age of 7.



JamLab believe that all people hold the potential to express themselves musically and that music is a powerful entity that enhances our world’s social, emotional and psychological experiences positively.

Mystic Drumz

Lorne Lampert (Jordan’s brother) is a leading provider of World Music education, specializing in bringing interactive percussion experiences to your door.

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